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      We shop at Aldis too and love it. our boneless chicken is 3 lbs and its $5.99 here. I can tell you the cereal is Malt o meal and Kraft has the cheese products there.

      So now you know. The cheese products are kraft and the cereal is malt o meal. My brother said the chocolate is belgium chocolate.

      Yes their food is all brand names with thier label. I wished they would get decafe tea bags in.

      I would be a happy camper.


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      We have ALDI’s (owns Trader Joe’s too) in Chicago area (I’m in Bartlett) and it’s great! I usually spend $75 a week for 4 (2 adults &twin 6 yr old boys). I sometimes buy meat in bulk and divide it up for meals before freezing.

      This is a HUGE money saver. Chicken breast by the bag full are about $7 compared to $9-10 at brand name stores. Paper products, bath items, laundry soap $1.99 for 32 loads, pasta etc.

      are all great prices. I buy several different spices that really add flavor if it’s missing. Although, products are usually made from brand made companies and Aldi’s puts their label on it.

      (Many generic brands are well known brands w/different label.) As always they don’t carry everything and sometimes they carry brand name items. Recently, Barilla pasta, Pringles, brand name toilet paper. Milk is about $2.20-2.45/gallon.



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