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      I don’t think you’re nuts at all. I USED to do something similar

      with a large envelope. Since my son moved out I’ve become seriously

      less cautious. Think I’ll steal your ziplock idea. Thanks for



      — In, Chris Riley wrote:


      > For a family of 4, that’s 2 school-aged kids and 2 parents, here in

      central California, I used to budget $50 a week for groceries and $20

      a week for Walmart durable goods. The cash went into a small ziplock

      bag that I would carry in a larger gallon ziplock bag that also held

      my shopping list and menu for the week. My friends thought I was

      nuts, but you know, I always stuck to my budget. And saved over 30%

      in the process! The kids are a few years older (and everything is

      more now ) so we’ve had to raise the budget to $70 groceries and $30

      for durable goods. But I still use my “budget by ziplock” process and

      it still works!

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