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      ok there is 5 of us..I spend 400 a month on average but no more than 500 total that is paper products and all. my goal is to go to and i compare prices..for everything but can goods..I go to walmart with my ads and printed coupons offline and copy them for double coupons if there is a store that will take them..I got 4 bags of doritos last month for 2.00…i go to sav a lot or your other discount store and buy canned goods by the flat for 3.00 a piece…

      — On Sat, 7/26/08, Jessica wrote:

      From: Jessica
      Subject: Re: : Dollar Amount for Grocery Budget
      Date: Saturday, July 26, 2008, 6:57 pm

      i buy for 3. Myself and 2 teenagers. I budget $100 per week-this incudes all cleaning, paper and miscellaneous products.

      some weeks i spend less and just keep it in the “grocery” envelope.

      we all carry our lunches and snacks and we eat all organic foods.

      i am in tn.

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      from: tesarae74
      Date: 7/26/2008 9:12:24 AM
      Subject: : Dollar Amount for Grocery Budget

      I’m still trying to set up a more definite budget and would like some
      examples to compare my grocery spending to. For those of you with a
      budget already in place, what dollar amount do you allot for groceries
      on a weekly/monthly basis, and how many people are included.Thanks to
      all for the input!

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