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      >What’s killing us is the paper products. I’ve just not learned how

      >to do without paper towels and we use a huge amount of toilet

      >paper. In fact, we go through about 2 rolls daily!



      With the daycare, I can see going through 2 rolls a day. One thing

      you might want to try is to squish the roll so it does not roll as

      freely on the spindle. This will help reduce “paper run-away” excess use.

      Paper towels, that will be a bit tricky. Thing is, I have a roll of

      paper towel that I bought 6 years ago, before I moved here, and have

      not used it up. I use cleaning cloths that are washable. For a

      daycare, you might want to get some inexpensive wash cloths and hand

      towels to use instead of paper towels. Just have the stacks handy

      and a basket to toss the dirties into. You’ll be amazed at how easy

      it actually is to do this once you get into the habit. I also find

      that towels clean better than paper towel. I’m sure the toilet paper

      trick should help with small children, though.

      Ann in Arkansas

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