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      We have a large family – total of 8 kids,6(4 of whom are teens)in the house full-time. I am a believer in stocking up. This helps the grocery bill stay as low as 400 a month.

      The biggest eaters of the budget are perishables like milk and snacks. I also have 2 breadmakers that are my best friends. I also learned to put my extra veges from leftovers into a ziploc bag rather than throw them out.

      This way, they can freeze and be used in an all-in soup on cold days. The deep freezeris stocked with meat and frozen stuff I get on sale throughout the year. The cabinets hold cans of veges and stuff also found on sale.

      I shop at 4 grocery stores to get the best deals but make sure going to them fits into my schedule. For example, I pay a recurring bill on Saturday mornings. I
      also go the Baker’s grocery store, Aldisand No-Frills(discount grocery store) on my way home.

      On Mondays I hit Hy-Vee on my way home from work. If it is the spring/summer, I do all of them on Saturday during my yard sale hitting. A cooler in the car keeps those items needing to be kept cool in order.

      The dollar store is also a favorite of mine for some items. The price leaders are usually what draws me into a store. If I see an ad for something we need I hit that store during the weekand make sure to get just that, unless there is meat in the clearance area. I don’t like to shop according to what I am going to cook, because those may not be the items on sale that week.

      Instead I shop according to what is needed for stocking up and on clearance.

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      Hey there,
      We have a family of 8 and we are currently trying to stick with 800 per month or 200$ per week, whichever works….This means no extras and going without alot of stuff….We are down from our original figure of 2000$ per month! Not sure if we will hit our goal this month or not! Anxious to hear from more big families out there and how you do it!!!

      >i’m still trying to set up a more definite budget and would like some
      >examples to compare my grocery spending to. for those of you with a
      >budget already in place, what dollar amount do you allot for groceries
      >on a weekly/monthly basis, and how many people are included.thanks to
      >ll for the input!

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