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      I’m new to the group, but thought I would just jump in with what we spend a

      month. We have a family of 6 that includes 2 teen boys (that are HUGE eaters)

      with the youngest at age 5. If I’m not careful, we can spend around $375-$400

      a month on groceries alone. (Our monthy income is only around $2000 sometimes

      a bit more as I’m in a direct sales company.) As long as I watch what I do, I

      can keep it around $275 a month. I try to make one large shopping trip a

      month with small weekly trips for fresh fruits, veggies, bread, milk, etc. As

      long as I don’t make those last minute dinner runs to the store and buy a

      bunch of junk, we are ok. we still are able to fit in some treats (aka junk

      like chips and pop), but they are for friday nights or some special event

      only, so it’s special.

      i have noticed that i started buying too many convienence foods like frozen

      pizza, etc and i would really like to start working on cutting that down. i’m

      also thinking of purchasing my meat in bulk to help cut it down. i just need

      to set aside the money to do it!

      i also would love to hear from people that use angel food ministries. esp.

      those with larger families to find out if it is actually a good savings for

      them. i’ve read some of the sample menus and i’m unsure. for example one box

      of hamburger helper type stuff, wouldn’t even make a dent in a lunch for us.

      i’m sure there are some out there that spend much more than me and some that

      spend much less! i’ll be very interested to hear what others are doing.

      debbie p.

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      > I’m still trying to set up a more definite budget and would like some

      > examples to compare my grocery spending to. For those of you with a

      > budget already in place, what dollar amount do you allot for groceries

      > on a weekly/monthly basis, and how many people are included.Thanks to

      > all for the input!

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