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      I am single and try to keep it under $ 3.00 a day or about 75 a month

      my actuall budget is $38 every two weeks BUT it is soooo hard to do.

      unless I get real creativew and run into some great sales.

      Like right now summer cookout stuff is on sale such as

      hotdogs,bread,icecream,etc but I am a organic eater so it is

      especially hard but I do get the least porcessed foods i can get.

      I cannot belive the amout of money is spend on familys food.

      i would suggest cutting out the high ticket items such as chips,soda

      cookies etc that would help bring down the bill and help the kids

      lose weight if they need to.

      i for one am down 14#’s since jan just cutting back on crap


      — In, “Lucy Anderson”



      > $720 per month for a family of 8 has been my actual spending (3

      adults, 4

      > teens and 2 pre-teens, but I need to bring it down to $560.)

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