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      I must be about the worst…since I really have no idea.. I know that my

      husband gives my mother 100 per month to shop with. Then I give her another

      hundred or so and she spends about that from her own money. So that’s 300 right

      there. I shop myself at least weekly if not twice per week. I usually spend

      anywhere from 50 to 150 when I go. Then we have ate out most every day at some

      point for at least one meal. Sometimes we have ate out even more often. Every

      few weeks when the cupboards are just about bare, I’ll spend 250 or so to get

      things built back up. This all does include cat food, dog food, fish food,

      toiletries, hair products etc.

      We have 4 of us living at home now. We keep 4-6 kids days, nights and weekends.

      So it’s like being a family of 8-10. We have 2 dogs, 4 cats, 2 birds, and 6

      fish tanks right now. I’ve just let go of several small animals but then

      aquired a puppy.

      For my first order through Angel Food Ministries I ordered 2 boxes of everything

      including August special boxes. As near as I can tell, that will be more

      cooking than I’ve done in YEARS! I spent 212 dollars and I think that might

      last us about half the month if I stop running out for take out.


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      From: robin machin

      Subject: Re: : Dollar Amount for Grocery Budget


      We have a family of 5

      2 adults and 3 teenagers

      Grocery include washing soap etc. $150.00 week in Alabama

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