Doing Disney cheaply

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      We took along a small canteen for each person. They hooked on our
      belts so we didn’t have to carry them around. Water fountains can be
      found throughout the park.

      Last time we went a small soda pop was
      something like $3.00 each. We also each carried a fanny pack in
      which we carried granola bars etc to snack on during our visit. At a
      pre-arranged time each day we met back in the hotel room to eat
      sandwiches, take a swim and a nap.

      Taking a mid afternoon nap made
      the day much more enjoyable for everyone so we didn’t have to drag
      around hot, tired kids in the evening. Kim in MI

      — In, leasergei@a… wrote:
      > Hi all,
      > I was wondering if y’all have some tips for me about Disney World.
      We are
      > going for 5 days in September. We are military, so we are getting
      the tickets and
      > lodging inexpensively.

      . I will take some frozen food to make in
      the room,
      > also. Any other ideas would be welcome.There used to be a group on
      yahoo that
      > was dedicated to going to Disney inexpensively.

      Is anyone familiar
      with that
      > one? There are sooooo many groups dedicated to Disney.
      > TIA!!
      > Lea

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