Doing Disney cheaply

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      It’s $ 2.00 for 1 canned coke & don’t even get me started on the
      price of food in the parks. The McDonald’s & things like that around
      Disney are outrageous too. Don’t get gas at the stores around Disney
      either because everything in those stores are twice as much as a
      regular store.

      The restaurants are about $ 10 more expensive around
      Disney that Orlando also. When we go, I pack an insulated diaper bag
      with chips, sandwiches, & drinks that I spent maybe $ 5.00 on rather
      than $ 50 or $ 60. I also have a budget set of $ 10-$ 20 for each of
      the boys to spend(depending on our budget at the time), & when that
      runs out they can’t buy anything else.

      It’s good that you’re getting
      the tickets & hotel cheap because they’re too much. We live in
      Orlando, but we don’t go to those places unless we buy tickets from
      someone we know that works there. I hope this helps & if I can think
      of anything else, I’ll let you know 🙂


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