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      Hello all,

      I adopted a dog (ChihuahuaXMaltezer), and I discovered this way a lot of ways to save money on your wet nosed friendy, while keeping him happy.

      – When you want to buy your dog a treat, take him with you to the pet shop! Let him sniffle on the treat and see what his reaction is like. Because, when you have a picky dog like mine you could end up buying lots of stuff that they won’t eat! My dog refused about 20 things that I was planning to buy, and I ended up with two big favourites of him that I would’ve never thought to buy, but that I bought because of his reaction and that he ate.
      I saved a lot of money this way!

      – Act the same way when buying toys! Most of the time, dog toys are not packaged. You can test them in the store on your dog before you buy them (of course, don’t go playing around with the dog cause the shop owner won’t like that, but let him sniffle the toy and see whether he reacts positive on it).

      – Most of the time, dogs don’t need expensive toys to play with. My dog absolutely looooooves playing with handkerchiefs, even prefers it to the toy that I bought. Observe your pet, see what attracts him in the house, and make that a toy! It’s what I did.

      – To clean dogs eyes, make yourself a cup of cammomilla tea and dip cotton pads in the tea. Place them in a jar and keep them in a cool place. This way you have “make-up dog tissues” available anytime, they are kept in boiled water (germ-free) and the cammomilla prevents the fur from colouring and gives a nice scent to the dogs head.

      Good luck with the tips!

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      I love your loved your chamomile tea and dip cotton pads in the tea idea! thanks!

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