Doggy poop bags

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      Gatorgrlntn knows that once you go with our bags – you’ll never want
      to go back! Try 100% biodegradable flushable dog waste bags.

      “Whether flush or toss, our earth wins.” $1.99 s&h

      Dog Poop Bags and Dog Waste Bags: Biodegradable & Flushable

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      Now that sounds great but I have 3 dogs!


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      My dog poops enough for 3, we adopted a abused bull mastiff about 2 months ago , shes been a puppy mill breeder and was breed almost to death then just dumped . shes had a stroke and very skinny but now shes doing great. Shes now trying to gain enough weight to have a couple of surgeries and then she will be as good as new !

      Lately that’s what have been in search for it doggy freebies for her .

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      sounds great, thks for the tip.

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