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      Hi! I’m new here and this is my 1st posting. I have a problem with
      a dog that has my vet mystified.

      She is constantly chewing her hair
      off of her tail and back end. She is 6 months old as of today:), and
      she just looks and acts so miserable! She has been checked for
      allergies, red mange, mange, flea allergies, worms; you name it.

      is another one of my “doggy rescues”, 1 of 10. (Yes, I know. I’m a
      sucker for a dog.

      We call them throwaway pups). No particular
      breed, but I’m pretty sure chow and lab are in there. Any ideas or
      help would be greatly appreciated.

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      We have yorkies We now know the reason for bad body oder and hair lost was the poision dog food products that the USA brought in. Two died. We have one that ia now deaf and blind.

      Her oder is gone her hair is now back and to the floor. She is now 14 yrs.
      the others died 10 and 12 but were ill for several years and vets could not find anything to help or reason for what was going on with them. And NO it was not their age that made them al lsick in the same problems. When will this country get their head out of their butt?

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      Since the latest scare I’ve switched to feeding mine homemade pet chow recipes. My guy is quite spoiled on his chicken/rice diet, which is a whole lot cheaper than the store bought crap. I add vitamins to his food and he’s doing quite well.

      You can find various pet food recipes here:

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      Skin diseases in dogs such as ear infections and allergies, are some of the most common health problems in dogs. They are often very difficult to diagnose because many diseases can cause the same symptoms. There are numerous conditions that cause problems with a dog or cat’s skin, but the most common, by far, is allergies. Symptoms of allergies,Chewing on feet,
      Rubbing the face on the carpet, Scratching the body ,Recurrent ear infections ,Hair loss ,,Mutilated skin .A dog who is allergic to something will show it through skin problems and itching, i.e., pruritus.

      It may seem logical that if a dog is allergic to something he inhales (atopy) like certain pollen grains, he will have a runny nose; if he is allergic to something he eats (food allergy) such as beef, he may vomit; or if allergic to an insect bite (urticaria or hives), he may develop a swelling at the site of the bite. In reality, the dog will seldom have these signs. Instead, he will have a mild to severe itching sensation over his body and maybe a chronic ear infection.

      shine eric

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