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      I’m almost sure that your dog has the same problem that my full grown dog,
      now over 100 lbs. has since she was a pup. Although your vet hasn’t stated
      it’s due to flea’s, I’m sure that this is the same problem that I have or
      had before I found how to correct the problem.

      What do you use for flea’s ?
      I’m sure that she has been bathed and taken care of; use a natural treatment
      like aloe or a antibiotic cream to heal the area that it’s sore. You have
      so many options but the vet should have lead you in the right direction.
      Now the flea treatment, the only thing that I have found was suggested by
      the vet, and I won’t use anything else except Advantage, and I now purchase
      it online since I’ve found that it’s cheaper than through the vets. As long
      as I keep her clean of flea’s I have no problems. My dd also has a dog
      with get this allergies to the sun!!!!!!!

      She has to give the dog benedril
      and keep it clean and also apply creams like we do for skin problems. So it
      it one of or both of the problems. I’m sure other will have idea’s to help,
      but passing on what it might be, and if you don’t have luck with what you do
      for the pup, I do suggest changing vets. I had to since I didn’t think my
      dogs were getting the proper care that they needed. Blessings and good
      luck, I’m a pet lover also.

      I had up to 6 dogs, and 2 litter’s of cats all
      at one time. Not to mention my pet rabbit. A lot of work, but they are so
      loving and caring and fun to have around.


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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Pet Care Dog skin problems