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      Chows have chronic skin problems (I have a dog that is 1/4 chow, 1/4 sharpei and
      1/2 something else, he’s 115 lbs), as well as chronic allergies. #1. Take her
      off of ALL food that includes wheat.

      I use a food put out by NutraNuggets, and
      it’s rice and lamb. #2. Try giving her benadryl.

      Work out the dose with your
      vet, it’s based on weight. Thor gets 1 benadryl every 6 hours (IIRC, I don’t
      have his chart in front of me). #3.

      Make sure she is getting omega-3 fatty
      acids in her food. These acids do a lot of things for a dog. You can add them
      to her food if her food doesn’t have them by adding fish oil, which you can pick
      up at any pet store.

      The NutraNuggets brand I mentioned above has them, but I
      also add more by adding Tuna juice to his food once a week or so. When his skin
      gets overly dry I add fish oil from Petsmart. #4.

      Get a cortizone shot for
      her. It helps to break the cycle of chewing as the skin heals. When a dog has
      an itch bad enough they chew it mercilessly…

      But then the whole circle thing
      starts. They chew the itch, it starts to get better, heals and then starts to
      itch as it heals… Then they chew it.

      There are a lot of things that make a dog itch, fleas, ticks, mange, sounds like
      you have covered most, if not all of them.

      Another suggestion is this…. Sometimes dogs urine/feces is very acidic, and
      if she gets it on her when she piddles, it may be driving her nuts because it
      causes a mild skin irritation.

      I would do a daily bath with a mild soap for a few weeks and see if that helps.
      Maybe even an Elizabethan colar/head cone and applying a safe oil to her skin to
      help soften the crusts that form from the constant scratching.

      Just some ideas to toss out. 🙂 hope some of these help, I had to go through
      all of them with my big baby (he is such a coward at 115 lbs that when he sees
      the vet coming at him with the needle for boosters, he starts whining) and
      eventually we fixed the problem….

      Emily Y.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Pet Care Dog skin problems