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      I wash my dogs in dog shampoo with about a 1/2 ounce of “Tea Tree Oil” mixed
      into the bottle. It is an anti-fungal, and antibiotic herbal oil. I bought mine
      at Wal-Mart pharmacy for around $5.00.
      One of our little terrier mixes has alot of skin irritations, and it works great
      for her, a rescue dog too.

      She used to dig herself raw.
      I have been shampooing dogs in this for about 3 years, and I have never had a
      bad reaction. Actually I have saved money in vet bills, as our Chihuahua kept
      getting weird fungus type infections in her front paws, and the vet kept putting
      her on antibacterial foot soaks. Now she doesn’t have any problems, I think it’s
      because of the Tea Tree Oil.

      Hope this helps, if you do an internet search on
      Tea Tree Oil you can really find out alot of information on it.

      Michelle H.

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