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      If you suspect allergies I suggest finding a homeopathic vet who can help you. Benedryl (although effective) will leave your “bundle of puppy fun” sleeping much of his/her day away. A homeopathic vet will be able to find you an all natural alternative to convential allergy meds that will probably do less damage on your four legged buddy’s system.

      Also, you might want to have tests done for thyroid problems, Staph infections, fungal skin infections or other hormonal problems. You probably right and it is not a serious condition but just to be on the safe side you may want to check out these possibilities.

      If you are certain it is an allergy and the hair loss and sores are mostly on the backside I would lean towards a food allergy. Common allergents include (but are not limited to) beef, pork, chicken, milk, whey, soy, eggs, fish, corn, wheat and perservatives. You may want to cut out commercial based pet foods and feed a diet of 1 prt protein and 1 prt starch for about a week to see if the problem gets better.

      If it does, readd his/her reg diet and see if symptoms return. If the symptoms do return, you know you are dealing with an allergy to an ingredient in his or her food. Then you can find out which ingredient by process of elimination (annoying but worth it in the end)

      I hope this help,


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