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      My dog use to do that…she is super spoiled rotten:-) Could it possibly be
      hot spots? Maybe some sulfadene (sp?) will help. Or maybe because she is a
      “throwaway pup” she may be suffering from anxiety and may need a little more
      tender loving care.

      Some dogs act that way when they were abused and then they
      brought into an environment where there is to much going on. I love my dogs
      also. And am very amazed at their personalities…
      My dog ZsaLou, can have one flea…and she’ll tear through her flesh to get

      She also panics when a fly or wasp flies around her..she is part German
      Shepherd and weighs 60 lbs. So when a fly comes in the house she’ll jump right
      on our lap….she can be a heavy burden at times:-)

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