Does anyone here have a child that has seizures often?

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      he has grand mal seizures and then other times he will just stare and not respond for a few minutes if you try to talk to him or anything then comes out like he didn’t realize he blanked out a minute or so. he also has mini mals. Topamax is the one he is on along with Kapra (sp?) With him having 2 yesterday I am not sure what the drs will do next.


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      I can answer a few of your questions since our 7 year old also has seizures because of her disablity.

      First, there are several types of seizures, can’t remember all of them but when you do a search on seizures you should be able to find out. Ali has had a grand mal, mini-mal, absence and drop seizures. Each kind of seizure sometimes need different medications since not all medications work for all seizures which is why sometimes they give a “drug cocktail” of drugs.

      Ali’s neuro said that it can take several attempts to find out what works for a paticuliar child. Ali on takes topamax-25mg twice a day which is a very low dose but it controls her seizures.

      As for her job, have her put in for family leave whichwill cover her when she has to leave. Family leave is a total of 12 weeks or 480 hours per year (this is what my company gave). Yes, family leave may be use by the hour which most don’t know about.

      I sometimes had to take off an hour to take Ali to the doctor and my supervisor would keep track of the time I missed. As long as she has the documentation in her files, they can not fire her or write her up.

      As for diets, my neuro said that that in rare cases an allergy or not being able to tolerate a certain food can aggravate seizures. Also, constipation in some children can also bring on seizures along with stress, viruses and infections. Tempature and humidity can also cause siezures–Ali will have seizures if she becomes too hot or if the temp changes dramatically.

      Humidity also effects her. There isa diet that is used sometimes to control seizures called the ketogetic (or something like that)diet but it is only used for someone that has many seizures a day and is only under a doctor’s care since it can be dangerous if not done properly.


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      Subject: : Does anyone here have a child that has seizures often?
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      My daughter asked me to find info. My daughters son is now 3 years old. At 2 1/2 she found himhaving a seizure and called the ambulance, the drchecked him out and were not sure the causeand made an appointment for her with a neurologist. He had another seizure and again rushed to the hospital.

      The dr put her son on medicine then. The neurologist got him in and did tests and found he has very abnormal brain waves on all parts of his brain and said he has epilepsy. Since then he has had seizures and had to have his meds increased and then another added.

      He was having a seizure just once a month or longer, now he has had 3 in the past week anda half that had to have him taken to the hospital. He has mild ones in between that he just stares and doesn’t respond for several minutes and he has them often in between the major ones. The neurologist told her yesterday that the amount of medicine he is on is too strong for a 3 year old child.

      They had to increase it after he had a major seizure last week. With that said. Why would he have them again twice in one day?

      Could the medicine be too strong? She applied for social security since she misses work when this happens. Now she missed several days in a pay period and she can’t afford it.

      She can’t afford the gas to run him to the drs. She now has to appeal and has more medical info to give them since she just got denied and suddenly he had 3 in a weeks time, 2 in one day. Not to mention the meds being to much for the boy.

      Has anyone had to deal with this? What was done for your child or what did you have to do? She is so frustrated and upset.

      Not to mentioned scared for her little boy. She is a single mom and gets no child support so she can’t afford to quit her job to stay home wiht her son. Her job has her on report for missing days so now has to make sure she has dr notes every single time to take in if she calls out or has to leave.

      That is the only thing to keep her from getting fired so far.She works 3 or 4 day a week and it costs her $10 a day to get to work and back. She doesn’t know what to do. If she got the Social security for her son then she would have some income to pay her bills if she missed to many days that of course are unpaid.

      She can’t go with no income.

      She is hoping there is someone that has been through this that can give her some advice. Can diets effect anything?

      all the processed food kids eat, I wonder if that can be a contributing factor sometimes.

      Any help she appreciates,

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