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      I have tried clariten vitamin c I was wondering if any one had some tips Im so tired of sneezing and couching lol.

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      . If you have blood pressure problems, many of the sinus/allergy meds. can make it worse.

      My Dr. told me to try Loratadine. It is OTC. I don’t sneeze or cough nearly as much & can certainly tell if I have missed one.

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      Right now we are also haveing the same problems here. The only thing that I have done that is working for us, is to vaccum daily. My trees are blooming so I think that is what the problem here is.

      I have to dust often and vaccum daily to keep in under control. It does seem to help. I’m not very good at taking medicine.

      I always wait until I have to take something. Hate taking any kind of medicine if I can keep from it.

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      One thing that can help is the saltwater nose spray, no drugs so it won’t hurt you. I take Motrin when I get sinus headaches and try to sleep as upright as possible because when I lay flat I’ll wake up dizzy from everything draining to one spot (gross, sorry but true).

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      Gargling warm salt water and warm salt water nasal rinses, hot steamy showers and drinking warm drinks like tea or broth (dissolves gunk in throat) If my throat gets sore or it moves to my chest I also take Echinacea/ golden seal capsules 3 times a days for a few days to help fight infection.

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      Omega 3 oils, such as fish oil and flaxseed oil may help, as well as some coconut oil.

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      My mom uses a Netting Pot and swears by it or a warm compress

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      Neti pots can help and can be found in most pharmacies nowadays. Also, eliminating allergens if possible. Good Luck!

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      thank you everyone for the tips I am trying all of them I have started vacuming every day that has seemed to help I wear a mask though when I vacume. again thanks:039:

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      go to walmart and get a nettiepot. or even the sinurinse. both clean out your sinuses and work wonders.

      the nettipot is more on gravity but i like the sinurinse more.. it’s a bottle and you squeese it to change the pressure. it works amazingly!

      they are both about 10 dollars.

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      I also have blood pressure problems so can’t take decongestants. I just suffer through and get as much fresh air as possible.

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      I too have the same problem. I find that a room humidifier and vicks vapor rub just a bit do wonders. I dab my finger in the vicks and rub on the end of my nose.

      If you dont have a room humidifier you can put a pot of water on the stove and a bit more than a simmer to add moister to the air.
      Hope you get some relief.

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      if you can afford it try a vacume w/ a hepa filter, will cut down on the dust that gets in the air when vacuming. Also try using the a/c in the summer and wash the filters if window units regularly or change the whole house filters monthly. I use the sinus rinse or a neti pot when my allergies get bad.

      I also use nasal antihystamines by prescription as well as zyrtec, even the generic is fine.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Health & Home Remedies does anyone have tip sinus problems