Does anyone have a recipe for Drano?

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      My bathtub is starting to clog. I’ve pulled out the hair that got caught in it (actually, I made the hubs do it) and it’s still pooling by the time my shower is done. It’s not that bad yet but I figured I’d look for something homemade now before I was showering in an ankle deep pool of yuk.

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      I had a similar problem awhile back and trained some a few different types of draino but nothing undid the clog. We had to go in and actually snake it out. I don’t have a recipe for drano, but douse bleach on a weekly basis-pour a 1/4 cup down the drain after everyone is done with showers to help break things down.

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      I pour bleach down the drain once a week. 🙂

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      I have used this in my sink and it may work in the tub as well.
      Liberally sprinkle some baking soda into the tub drain and then pour vinegar down it.
      It will bubble and begin to break down the clog. After about a half hour or so pour down very hot water into the drain. Hope this works.

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      What we do is buy some cheap store brand drain unclogger liquid and then afterwards we boil hot water and pour that down. It seems to work – but we had problems where it keeps coming back… we had to get the maintenece guys to do it twice in our apartment.

      The best thing to prevent it from happening again after you fix it, is to buy a drain cover. We bought one for 50 cents at Wal-mart, a little plastic clear star shaped cover so that it catches all my hair. Good luck!

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      We noticed this problem too when we moved into our new house here in NC. Of course I ran out to the store and bought some drain cleaner and kept pouring it down the drain and it wasn’t working!! We checked the drain and for the most part it looked clear, we just couldn’t figure it out.

      A short time later, my Uncle came down for a visit and I warned him before getting in the shower that it tends to “pool” up while you’re showering. When he came out he told me he had no problem at all? He saw the confused look on my face so he explained…

      Seems that nice big shower head we have in our shower is shooting down too much water at one time and the tub just can’t drain it quick enough!!!!!

      This wasn’t something that I had even given any thought to at all. The shower head was relatively newer too. So you might wanna give that a look.

      Since we changed ours out to a low flow shower head, one that puts out 2.5 gallons or less per minute, we haven’t had a problem. We haven’t noticed a difference as far as comfort either. The big difference we’ve noticed is with our water bill, we switched all the shower heads in the house and it’s been cut in half!


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      Thanks everyone for the suggetstions. My husband ended up plunging and that seemed to clear things up. I’ve started pouring bleach once a week in my daily cleaning routine as preventitive maintenance.

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      pure lye works or I dont knoe the recipe but there is one with bakeing soda. maybe try there site??

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Soapmaking Does anyone have a recipe for Drano?