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      My carpet cleaner has gone to heaven since I let a friend borrow it, she ruined it. UGH We aren’t friends anymore. Not because of that but I can’t just call her up months later and ask her to replace it, we didnt check it right away cuz we didn’t need to use it right away.

      Anyway my almost 5 year old white shep and yellow lab mix has decided to use my hallway as her potty spot for #1 and #2 even though I let her out all day long! She could just come back in and go down the hallway and go potty on my floor. We have her huge cage up still and she goes in it again at night and when we leave for more than a few hours.

      I have tried the foaming pet carpet cleaner, it starts smelling a few hours later. I dont care too much about it bleaching the floor cuz its old carpet and its that light beige color. I can’t afford to rent a carpet cleaner.

      I need something I can make a good amount of and probably keep making till I can get her retrained again. Please if someone has a recipe I would be grateful!!!

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      I think you’ll find this thread particularly helpful with the issue you’re experiencing…

      For us, we use a Tbs of Super Laundry Sauce in our Bissell Green Machine (the cheapie one from Walmart) and it works great to get out urine stains from pets.

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      I have always used vinegar on the stains it tends to get rid of the smell.

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