does any one remember?

Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes F.A.Q does any one remember?

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      the very small tupperware cups that had a lid they were big enough to hold a handful of pills or maybe a tablespoon of powder like sugar? i am wanting some so i can make my own”crystal light to go” but i cant find anything small enough.

      thank you in advance for your time.

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      I remember these. You might what to check with a local tupperware dealer. They had these in stock as party gifts at on time.

      This past year I got a couple of them at tupperware stand at the local fair. Can’t remember what I paid for them. Maybe go on line also.

      “Hope this helps”

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      I’d even give Ebay a look, you might be able to pick them up cheaper than you would through a Tupperware dealer.


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      Try too. They sell everything now. 🙂

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      I picked up a great set from Rubber Maid at my local store last year that had containers from 2 Tablespoon up to 1/2 cup. I love ’em!

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      I found something similar to that at biglots. they sold 4 for like a dollar. the dollar tree also has something like that.

      I used them to store dry formula in single servings in when the girls were babies.

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      Also – Do you know anyone that buys the tiny jars of strained baby food? I would think those would work. I use them for spice mixes for single person cooking.

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      Janice, you sound like me with reusing things. I love the little glass bottles that capers come in and the glass ones with the screw on lids from boullion cubes and granuals. Wish they weren’t going to plasic stuff so much these days.

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      Just couldn’t bring myself to throw away those little jars – or – the jelly glasses with the snap-on lids. Those are great for homemade salad dressing or salsa, etc.

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      I’ve also found the little plastic containers, they are perfect size for lunch boxes too. I hear you ladies on the glass jars……I also keep them around. They are great for reusing, I even use them for Q-tips.

      The jelly jars are just the right size.

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      You might also ask on your local freecycle/give-away list. Folks are always giving similar items away on the three that I own.

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      One thing you could think about. If you go somewhere to eat, ask for a take out container or 2 for condiments (little plastic cups w/lid). These would be fine to use and would not cost you anything if you happened to leave one somewhere.

      I would think a paper warehouse or party cental would have something like this as well.

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes F.A.Q does any one remember?