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      I usually check up via google search before ordering stuff from an online store but slipped this time on one called It is one of the sites for the “as seen on tv” products. I had wanted to order one of the grab bars for bathrooms, etc that are not permanent placements and also some other things I did not do at the time I saw the ads.

      The site looks llegit but it seems to be a fraud. Supposedly you earn ecards for each item purchased and that’s when I nearly panicked off my chair. That site does not even exist!

      Did some more google searching and it seems the store has been highlighted on several watchdog sites as being fraudulent. I could not get in touch with a human because of time zones right now, but from the story of the whistleblower, it would not matter. I have sent an email to the company requesting cancelling of the order and not charge my mastercard.

      Was I dumb or not? When it is proper time today, I am calling my bank ahead of time to stop any charges allowed on it from this company or any others they fraudulently hold. I hate to cancel the whole card as that will mess up any other things I’ve bought recently but guess will have to wait on what the bank says.

      I’m just really so mad now. There is no way I’m waiting to see if the stuff will be sent. They charged a fortune for each and every item.

      After this I will be good and purchase the stuff from well known stores like CVS. It was just trying to get a lower price that got me.

      Don’t order anything from yourstoreonline or any of its so-called affiliates.

      Thanks for letting me blow some steam off!

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      I am really sorry to hear about this.

      I do alot of on-line shopping and thank goodness I haven’t ran across any problems.

      Here is a link to Walter Drake catalog site. They are really good.
      The link goes directly to their bathroom accy page. They have a couple of handles to choose from.

      Give it a look.


      here are some other catalog sites i shop at:
      *walter drake (the site mentioned above)

      *carol wright gifts

      *harriet carter

      *miles kimball

      *the lakeside collections

      i have purchased from all these sites and not a problem at all.

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      Thanks for the links. I usually have no problems either except getting spying and adware attempts to invade my computer. My McAfee Program takes care of most of it but sometimes something slips through.

      I did get 3 emails from the company I referrenced: I was pleasently suprised to hear from them at all. The first once just confirmed my order, the second stated that all products would not be sent together, and the third confirmed cancellation of the order.

      I’m still very watchful about the site as others have said they received emails which were not correct and had problems with credit card charges.

      I have a few on line stores I trust completely. Generally the main manufactures are solid, plus the larger department store business. My favorite is LL Bean.

      I have also ordered from some of the smaller companies and had no problems. The part I should have been suspious about was seperate mailed charges for each item. There’s no bargain in that!

      Thanks, Catherine

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      Your bank should be able to “freeze” your account until everything passes and you figure it out with the company, I’d do that asap!

      i usually shop at bed, bath & beyond for as seen on tv items, they seem to carry everything i’ve ever wanted and i know they are legit because we have tons of the stores in my city. 🙂

      good luck!!

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      A scam by all means. I placed an order on 3/27. Kept getting emails telling me that the product will be shipped.

      Never did. After calling them 7 times, they finally admitted that they did not have the product to begin with. When I requested a refund they said they do not give refunds to credit cards (?) and that they will mail me a check in 20 days (!).

      That check never arrived, on top now they claim that I got and cashed the check, and it will take another 20 days to “investigate” who cashed the check, and then they will mail me another check, in another 20 days (???).

      After reading about them in the scam pages in the Web, I placed a claim with my Credit Card Provider, bbb and the ftc

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      people like that make it hard for other lefit wen sites. i am thankful for people like amazon.

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The Gloves are Off Scams & Flim Flams Do your homework before ordering anything!