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      After being in the hospital last week I anticipate a large bill in the mail soon. So it got me to thinking about my budget Gaah It seems I really need to get on the ball again. I shut the air conditioning to “off”, got a glass of water instead of soda, and got online.

      While searching for budget tips I came across a fun article that was basically people listing the oldest thing they own/get use out of. Most people named appliances, electronics, etc… I think it’s great to use things until they’re almost dust!

      lol So, everyone, let’s list our oldest “thing” that we have! 2gwb921 smilie

      I guess mine would be a Sony stereo system I received for Christmas when I was like 8 or 9. lalala  smilie

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      The oldest thing I own is old cast iron that came over with my relatives when this country was forming. Uncle came over on the Mayflower, Aunt followed in the boat right behind the Mayflower. Other then that I guess my Great, Great Grandmother’s oil lamp, although the globes been replaced.

      Both items are still being used.

      Fun Thread!

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      Hey Mama Bear, that’s so awesome! See? this is so fun!

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      PennyPincher, This is a fun thread. i look forward to hearing others oldest things.

      i hope you are well now, sorry about the big medical bill ugh!

      sometimes it’s hard to stay on track when it comes to our money, i’m wishing you well on your frugal journey.

      mama bear

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      I have a wicked old Magnavox Cabinet record player, AM/FM radio. Dh & I like to listen to the old records and dance. The kids just roll their eyes at us.
      As for appliances- when I was pregnant with ds, I told dh I wanted to make all our own babyfood. He bought me this little tiny chopper (1 c.) for under $10. I still use that thing on a weekly basis, and ds will be 12 this year.
      The blades are so thin on it now I think it could shave the skin off a tomato, lol.

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      One of the oldest things I have is a cookbook and a school poetry book from the 1880’s. I love the old cookbook and some of the recipes, best part about though is the handwriting on the sides of the recipes that someone did to make the recipe their own 🙂

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      Hmmm….. old stuff. I love old stuff.

      I still have the first vcr that i ever bought – a jvc i purchased in 1988 – and it still works. There is a bunch of old cast iron stuff here too – and I use at least one piece of it every day. There is also an old carpenter’s ruler that belonged to my great grandfather circa 1900.

      Great thread!!!

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      The oldest thing that I own would be a doll that I received from a gentleman when I was two. The doll dates back to late 1800’s.

      Here’s the story behind the doll:

      There was a gentleman in the town where I live by the name of Mr. Beckler but the kids in this town knew him as “Mr. Christmas”. He was retired gentleman that took in gently used toys and refurbished them for children who otherwise may not have received one for Christmas. My grandparents played cards every weekend with he and his wife.

      Everytime my grandpa stopped to see him during the week that I was with him, Mr. Beckler would give me a toy from his workshop.

      One day, my grandfather took me to see Mr. Beckler when I was around the age of two. He handed me this “porcelin” (it was a composite doll with porcelin overlay) doll with carved teeth and a german style dress. Upon arriving at my grandparents house with the doll in my arms, my grandma sent my grandpa to the store to buy me a doll and traded me, so she could preserve the doll for me.

      The doll has been dated to turn of the century. She presides in a box in my closet, as she has aged and needs to be refurbished.

      The last time I saw Mr. Beckler, it was I who took my ailing grandfather to see him. I was sixteen. He apologized because he had nothing left in his workshop to give me.

      What he didn’t realize was watching two old friends talk and laugh together for what was probably the last time was all I needed. Both men passed shortly thereafter.

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      A couple Bible pages from William Tyndale 1550

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      Such great stories that go along with our OLD things. I have 2 dozen + old cook books and recipe pamphlets from the 1920’s up to the mid 1940’s from my godmother/great aunt and a grandfather clock from my mom and dad that is 50 years old.

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