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      1. Do you give your kids an allowance? Yup.

      2. If so, how much for what ages? My daughter is 3 and my son is 21 months and they get a dollar a week.

      3. What expenses do you expect them to cover with the allowance? Nothing right now.

      When they are older, then they have to cover anything that we don’t want to buy but is acceptable. Anything that is not acceptable is not covered and they are not allowed to buy.

      4. Do you tie the allowance to additional responsibilities? Not right now.

      But when they are older they get chores -regular one that they are expected to do without pay and extra stuff they may get paid a little bit. Once they get a job then they are on their own but they aren’t allowed a job until they are almost done with H.S.

      5. Do you give your child an opportunity to earn extra money? If so, how?

      See above

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