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      1. Do you give your kids an allowance? yes

      If so, how much for what ages? My daughter is 14, she gets $15 per week

      3. What expenses do you expect them to cover with the
      allowance? She pays all of her pets expenses (she has ferrets and guinea pigs) she buys presents for anyone (xmas, birthdays, mothers day, fathers day) I do ask that she put some in savings…she is much better than I am at it…when one of her ferrets was six, she paid the $136 vet bill herself…if you stop and look at that, it was 2 months allowance!!

      and she uses it for anything else she wants to buy (usually it is books) she takes good care of them, and then resells them on ebay LOL

      4. Do you tie the allowance to additional
      responsibilities? No but they always had the opportunity to work for extra money either around the house or in our family business.

      I agree, nope….we all need our own cash.

      5. Do you give your child an opportunity to earn
      extra money? If so, how?

      Occasionally if there is a big job that needs to be done and I don’t have the extra time to really get it done, I could be mean and make her do it, but I do pay her for those kind of jobs….

      She already does 100% of her own cooking (she is a vegan, and a much better cook than I have ever thought about being) she also helps with out cat rescue doing litter boxes, feeding etc…and we have a farm so she also has farm animal chores to help with, and she helps with the housewook, does 100% of the dishes and 50% of the vacuuming.

      She hates the laundry and I dont mind so I tend to do that and most of the lawn work, although she does help with that too


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