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      My kids are dd16 and ds13 and we don;t give them allowence because we
      feel the chores they do are part of being in the family and part of a
      house hold exsistance.

      I do however wonder how they are going to learn how to budget money as
      my son spends money like nothing but my daughter doesn;t spend money
      and is very fugal and careful with her money.
      I pay for school trips.
      My son wants to go for 3- one week camps as a junior leader with Scouts
      in the summer- I have told him we will pay for one week but he has to
      come up with paying for the other 2 weeks and what he has done is
      choosen not to go on a school ski 6 week course where they ski for 6
      thursdays in Jan/feb and also the school had a activity day where the
      kids could go bowling,to the museum or skiing etc and he stayed home
      and didn’t participate in that day so he almost has enough “credits” to
      go to one week and pay part of the other week.At least this way he is
      learning that he can’t go everywhere and he has to make decisions.

      I never learned how to treat money when I was younger and my “absent”
      father used to pay me off and give me money instead of time so money
      was always available so I never learned how to treat it.I don;t want my
      kids to miss this lesson but the opposite way by not having money

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