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      Melissa Burnell

      When my son was little one year we had several people to buy for and money was really limited that year. One aunt and uncle had just moved into a new home and they were decorating with blue. We found a tall pretty blue and white vase for a dollar.

      We then drove out into the country and found several different kinds of really tall weeds. We dried those and then spray painted them blue. We found several of our Christmas presents that year at garage sales.

      Nice stuff, and no one knew it was used. My husband loves classical music and one of his favorite composers is Beethoven. I found a bust of him at a garage sale for $3.00.

      We still have that bust about 25 years later sitting by our piano.

      I also crocheted shawls for all the women and house slippers for all the men for Christmas that year. I saved box tops and ordered a cardboard playhouse for our son for Christmas that year. Think it cost about $5.00.

      He loved that playhouse and it ended its cardboard live sitting on the garage floor under our cars.

      That Christmas was one of our cheapest, but one of the most memorable.


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