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      >>Liss – Can you provide the direct link? I went to the Tips & Tricks for Ladies section and didn’t see any swim shampoo recipe.<<

      I actually posted it directly to the list yesterday, here it is again:

      Deep Cleansing Treatment For Hair – A Homemade Shampoo.

      This will help to remove “swimmer’s hair” or the greenish tint hair can get
      from swimming in chlorinated water. This is a reaction between the copper in
      the algaecide and chlorine in the pool that is attracted to the hair. The
      more porous the hair, the green and drier it becomes.

      2 Tbsp. Baking soda
      1/4 cup Fresh lemon juice
      1 tsp. Mild shampoo

      To Make This Deep Cleansing Homemade Shampoo: Thoroughly mix all
      ingredients. Wet hair and massage with mixture making sure all the ends are
      coated. Cover head with a plastic bag or shower cap, and leave on for 20
      minutes. Apply heat from a blow dryer, if possible. Rinse, and shampoo as

      This homemade shampoo is completely natural with no added toxins, additives,
      chemicals, or synthetic perfumes. Feel the rejuvenating effects of this
      purifying shampoo recipe. Here’s a quick, inexpensive and easy packaging
      idea: Removing labels off empty glass jars. Relish jars, olive jars and baby
      food jars all work well. Spray paint the lids with a granite spray. Shampoos
      packaged in cobalt bottle or brushed aluminum bottles always present well.
      Or, place your homemade shampoo in decorative bottles. For an added touch,
      write the recipe on a little card and tie the recipe onto the bottle with
      ribbon or raffia.

      And also: More Hair Tips for Swimmers:
      1. When we had chlorine in our pool I used to rinse my hair in a blend of 1 c. white vinegar to 1 gal water. Worked great on hair and swimsuits. (My hair is Blonde though, not sure if that matters)

      2. If you’re hair has already turned green, wash it with a mix of shampoo and baking soda. (About a T of shampoo to 2 T of Baking Soda). It’s yucky and hard to rinse, but works great.

      3. A friend of mine swears by a mix of 2 T. Conditioner to a small spray bottle of water. She dampens her kids hair thoroughly prior to swimming, but I would think that if you are maintaining a pool this might cause an increase in the cost of chemical maintainance.

      (Yet another reason why I LOVE the Saltwater system).

      Best of luck to you,


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