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      If you can afford to buy a pontoon boat, here’s a pretty simple way to put one together. This works great as a raft at a lake or pond too.

      DIY Pontoon material were simple:

      • 2 – 12″ diameter PVC pipes – 10 foot long
      • 4 – pipe caps
      • 6 – 1/8″ x 2″ metal strapping
      • 1 – 1/2″ pressure treated plywood sheet
      • 6 – 8′ long pressure treated 2×4’s and assorted stainless steel fasteners

      i dont remember exactly how much this boat cost me back in 2002 but i think it was less than $200 excluding the engine, which i picked up at a flea market for $50. i just had to rebuild the carburetor…that was a project. all in all this little boat was ALOT of fun…for very little cost. if you build one please remember to be safe!



      Here’s the updated version of this boat and answers the most common questions:

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