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      I confess…. I have become an planner junkie. I bought one last year thinking to have one place to put some information instead of six and now I live by it.

      I am always thinking of other things I can add. Still on my list is adding pages for a gerocery list, my bank regester, my monthly expenses. I am getting close to being able to anser DH’s question on the spot by opening my book!!

      I carry my cupons in it so they are always handy ( I only keep cupons for what few name brands we buy and going out to eat) It holds stamps and address lables and about my whole life. So here is a resource for those who already do or want to live out of a planner.. D*I*Y Planner | the best thing in printing since Gutenberg They have printable pages for almost anything you can think of.

      Im going there now they have a gerocery list pages and I am sick of leaveing mine on the fridge and realiseing it is still there when im at the store 🙂

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      Looks like a great place to start and get ahold of the houshold. Thks, New ideas are great. I’ll have to get into this site and see what is there in detail.

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      no problem. I printed out a gerocerie and meal list page but it may need some work for me. I also edited to make my self a monthly expense page wich I was doing on a notepad (so much nicer now) and a cupon list to keep track of what cupons I have while I am in the store I can now just check my list. I added fields for Item, experation date and store its for.

      Do you think I need a field for how many cupons I have or anything else?

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      Great find! Thank you.
      I am browsing the site now and found a few that would certainly be of help.

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