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      Pergola Swing Set Plans

      Build your own 2-post freestanding pergola.

      Two 6×6 PT posts extending to 7’6″ above ground, placed with 12’8″ between them.
      2 2x8x6′ sideways beams, one at the top of each post
      4 2x8x16′ longway beams (the span between supports is 12’8″)
      16 2x2x6′ rafters
      2×4 angle braces at all the corners

      I did end up going with much deeper holes, burying 4 feet of 12-foot posts. I used .60 pcf treated lumber for the posts. They came pre-stained brown, so they don’t look that awful green color. All the rest of the wood is all-heart redwood.

      I ended up not cutting notches in anything, instead going with the much simpler method of just double-diagonal-screwing the joints between the various 2x8s (a method I saw in a number of Youtube videos). The 2x2s on top are screwed in place with a single screw straight down at each joint. Each diagonal brace is held with a single lap screw to the post and two carriage bolts at the top. The beams that are flush with the post are held there with two 1/2″ carriage bolts and a couple screws.


      Pergola Bench Seat Plans

      You can also do this and add a swing set bench instead of swings:

      DIY Pergola Swing Set



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