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      I came across this awesome Pallet Cabana but the instructions were in German, so I thought I’d share the translated version in case anyone else wants to make their own

      Paint 2 pallets that are the same size & once they’re dry and place them an equal distance apart.

      Paint a board 120cmx30 cm and then slide them between the two pallets, nail it into place using 2 nails or screws on each end. I recommend screws.

      Slide another pallet into the back to create the back of the cabana seat.

      Now place a pallet on the 2 boards that you installed to create a seat. Secure it in place using screws.

      Add another layer of pallets all the way around to create the Cabana part.

      Secure those 3 new pallets in place.

      Screw wheels to the bottom and attach another board to the top for support before adding a final pallet for the “roof” of the cabana.

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      Here is another style from frauhsnaewhelt

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      omg and another! i am so building one of these!!


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      Super cool, DIY.. It can be kept outside or inside and we can sit with relaxation.

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      My fiance really wants me to build her one of those Cabanas out of palllets for her birthday. Is there anyway you can give me an idea of the pallet sizes? I’ve looked elsewhere online but, have been unable to find information on the list of items needed along with the size needed. Would greatly appreciate it.

      Thank you,


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