DIY Mood Lighting

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      So, you’re stuck home because of the pandemic and romance has taken a back seat, huh? Say hello to my little friend… the mason jar!


      Mason Jars, or Ball Jars (depending on what your mawmaw use to call them) are inexpensive ways to light up those beautiful house-bound evenings.

      Just drop in a tea light candle or votive candle, and Voila……..instant Mood Lighting.

      * Line them up all around the edge of your patio

      * Place them all around the ledge of your deck

      * Hang them from trees

      * Cluster them together, all different shapes and sizes, on your patio table

      * Scatter them here and there in your back yard like little lightning bugs


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      That’s really cool! I did it last weekend and I’m in love with it. The only thing, I decided to use cheaper jars that I took in a local store. 

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