DIY Grinch in the Window

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      Melissa Burnell

      To recreate this is actually pretty easy, you don’t have to be an artist (AT ALL!!)

      Simply print out the photo.

      Then Place a piece of clear plastic over the top. Here we’re using a clear sheet protector like the kind you get in the school supply section.

      Just place the clear page OVER the Photo. Then use a black sharpie to trace the image.

      Now, Cut a piece of cardboard the size of the window you plan to put your grinch in.

      Tape it to a wall.

      Make a Projector by folding a piece of cardboard, tape the Image that you want to project at the end of the cardboard box.

      Then place an LED Lamp at the other end (LED lights don’t get hot).

      This is what it will look like

      Image Credit to Mmelville3 from Instructables

      Now adjust the projector to increase or reduce the size onto the cardboard window cut out.

      Trace the outline with a black sharpie, use scissors or a craft exacto knife to cut it out.

      Spray paint the silhouette with black spray paint, let it dry, then place it in the window.

      SUPER EASY!!

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