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      I came across this amazing tutorial on how to make Pumpkins using foam by crystal rose!

      You will need 1 4×8 sheets of Styrofoam insulation- 2″ piece

      3M Super 77 spray adhesive
      Joint Compound or clear silicone caulking
      sandpaper or a sanding sponge
      utility knife

      here are the step by step directions

      Isn’t this project incredible?! You can make them any size you want, just cut circles out of the foam, use the spray adhesive to stickthem together, sand them into the shape you want, cover them with the joint compound so the paint will stick, and then paint them.


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      We had lots of pumpkins decoration last night. They looked all great. It was a fun halloween party.

      I will keep this video for next year’s consideration. thanks for sharing.

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