DIY Crate Wall with Vintage Crates

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      I absolutely adore the look of this vintage crate wall. It would be so lovely filled with plants and books! It creates a really pretty accent wall.

      DIY Crate Wall Before and After
      Source: Jasmine Roth

      I recently experimented with creatively using vintage crates for an accent wall in my living room. For the past year, I’ve been trying to figure out how to decorate our living room. We decided on a blue-gray paint color for the main part of the living area and painted it over a weekend. It took us much longer than that to decide on the furniture arrangements but eventually, we were pleased enough with our progress that we could cover up all of the empty walls downstairs except one.

      The problem was, this last empty wall – which is located behind our couch – was not interesting at all in its plain white, textured state. At least not in my opinion. And certainly not when compared to everything else in the room. So the challenge of decorating this small area grew more and more, as you can surely imagine.

      I browsed through home decor magazines and Pinterest boards looking for ideas on how to decorate our living room, but everything that I saw was either too modern or too expensive or simply not right for us at all.

      Then, one day – after a long time spent scouring through third-party websites – I stumbled upon a picture of a vintage crate wall in a living room somewhere deep in cyberspace.

      Suddenly, my attention was drawn from the computer screen to my very own living room behind me where those half-empty crates were still sitting idle since we moved into our new house last year. Why not use them? Here’s what I found and how I plan on attacking my own living room wall.

      How To Create Your DIY Crate Wall

      What You’ll Need:
      Wooden crates (that have been washed, sanded, and sealed)
      Painters tape
      Measuring tape
      Screw gun
      Long screws
      Stud finder

      Step by Step DIY Crate Wall

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Home Improvement / Decor DIY Crate Wall with Vintage Crates