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      How to Bronze Baby Shoes
      You can treasure the memory of your child’s first steps forever by
      bronzing his first set of baby shoes. And you can do it yourself relatively
      inexpensively and easily.
      Your first step will be to clean the shoes thoroughly. With a damp
      rag, clean the shoes of all dirt and polish.

      It is best to complete the cleaning
      by rubbing the shoes with a rag saturated in denatured alcohol. All wax and
      polish must be removed. Now allow the shoes to dry.

      Next you will want to arrange the shoes as you want them to be
      bronzed. Tie the laces and arrange them properly. Adjust the tongue so that it
      touches the sides of the shoe.

      You may want to hold the laces and tongue in
      place with a little rubber cement. Now drive a tiny hole through the sole of
      each shoe and loop a string or wire around it. You are now ready to begin

      To prepare your liquid bronze use bronze, copper or gold powder and
      mix the powder with a fast drying spar varnish, stirring well and adding the
      powder until you have a liquid about like paint. Stir to prevent particles from
      settling on the bottom. You will probably want to mix a fresh batch of the
      liquid bronze for each job.

      To apply the bronze, use a good camel hair brush and paint shoes,
      inside and out, with several coats. If there are dull spots when the liquid
      dries, it means the liquid has soaked right into the material and more coats are
      needed until the finish is even and glossy. Hang up each shoe by the loop of
      string to dry between coats and clean the brush each time.

      When the final coat is dry, you can create an “antique” effect by
      mixing a little burnt umber or black color in oil with the bronzing liquid and
      painting it into the creases of the shoe with a small brush.

      If you would like the shoes to be heavy and rigid, fill them with
      plaster of paris to about 1/2″ from the top and let them dry for several days
      before starting to paint.

      You will find bronze powder at any good paint or hardware store or
      even a printing supply house.

      You will be amazed at the very professional job you have done using
      this method. Perhaps you will do such a good job and enjoy it so much you may
      want to begin a service doing it for others. It is really a lovely way to make
      your treasured memories last forever.


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