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      there is also a yahoo group called themouseforless that is worth checking out — alot of good ideas and links there. parkhoppper passes are nice to have if you only have a couple of days and want to have freedom to jump around to different parks esp if older kids (teens) want to do one thing and you another — but if you have a few days to dedicate then I would just take one day in each of the parks. My favorite parks were epcot and animal kingdom — I am sure my son will be fascinated with disney when we take him the first time — though I have been there so much over the years I have seen it all :)……also you can do alot with a crockpot for dinners at disney.

      I suggest the meal plan and cereals like you are already doing — its alot easier and who wants to cook when on vacation, plus the food is already budgeted for. As for snacks — you aren’t allowed to bring “outside” food into the parks so my suggestion would be eat something right before you leave the room. make use of the free shuttles if you stay on-site — they will save time and money.

      We stayed at all-star resort which is on-site — farthest from the actual park but also cheapest and it was a 10 min shuttle ride back and forth we parked once in the free lot at the hotel and were able to leave our car there the entire week which was great.

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