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      What is the name of Bambi’s adoptive mother in “Bambi II”?
      (1st) Mena

      Who is Nala’s mother in “The Lion King”?:
      (4th) Sarafina

      Which Disney mom can play the harp?:
      (2nd) Duchess

      Chicha’s three children from “The Emperor’s New Groove”?:
      (2nd) Chaca
      (3rd) Tipo
      (5th) Yupi

      Can you name Lady’s puppies?:
      (1st) Scamp
      (5th) Collette
      (6th) Danielle

      Disney moms who were also queens?:
      (2nd) Elinor
      (4th) Leah
      (6th) Athena

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