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      This just came to me in email from newsletter I recieve:

      Schools often request sanitizing wipes (Clorox or Lysol wipes)
      to keep in the classrooms. They are also nice to have at home,
      but they are very expensive at 50 wipes for $3.49. Instead buy
      the baby wipes or hand wipes that are on a roll. These pull
      out one at a time through the top.

      These can be found in the
      baby section and often in the paper product section of most
      stores. They generally have 150 sheets and run about $1.50.
      Open the top and add one teaspoon of bleach and 1/8 cup of
      water in the bottom. Close the container and shake the bleach
      mixture so the sheets will absorb it.

      Now these wipes have the
      same disinfecting qualities as the higher priced ones.

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