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      We just started using Skype. My brother told us about it about 4 years

      ago but at that time you could only call other people who had Skype

      software installed. Now they have a plan that will let you call anyone

      in the US and Canada (yes- cellphones and landlines included) for just

      $3.00 per month. You can also purchase a wireless Skype Phone that

      works just like a cordless phone (between $30-$100). You will have to

      purchase a phone number through them but it only costs $12.00/year. The

      drawback is that they issue you the number but will allow you to choose

      the area code in your area if available. No matter though it is still a

      fantastic deal. Total per month works out to be about $4.00

      Edible City

      2015 Hayes Street

      Eugene, Oregon 97405

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