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      We have Vonage and LOVE IT!!!! Some phone companies
      monopolize (Windstream/Alltel for one) their phone numbers so Vonage
      has no control over being unable to keep those numbers. It’s not their
      fault. But their service is wonderful!

      Now I feel I must also tell you that the service (actual use quality)
      you receive will totally depend on your internet
      company! Alot of ISP’s will work great at the start but after awhile
      they notice that you are using a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Phone)
      system and will start altering your service. If this should happen IT
      IS NOT VONAGE giving crappy service!!! Call your ISP and demand to get
      what you pay for. I had 1 cable & 1 DSL that knocked me down to
      dial up speed (or less, if that’s possible) while I was paying for high
      speed service in order to keep my phone access down. Part of their
      gimmic is when you complain they tell you that speeds were only going
      to be *up to ?* not a guarantee of such speeds. But you
      can check and record what speeds you are actually getting and take it a
      manager or higher and get it straight. Show consistent usage amounts.
      Let them know that you know what they are doing and it wrong. You are
      allowed to use these services and they are not allowed to limit your
      service because of it. I’ve even threatened to go to local news
      channels consumer complaint lines, newspaper, etc. It’s amazing how
      fast my service got better! Don’t let these big guys push you around
      and make a good company like Vonage who are trying to give us good
      & fair prices for service look like garbage.

      No, I am not in any way affiliated with Vonage except as a customer. I
      just am someone who is sick & tired of letting others with $ or
      Power take advantage of those of us who don’t want to railroaded into
      paying higher prices for something we don’t have to. I recently moved
      and currently I have Comcast. So far so good. I hope they don’t have to
      get a phone call from me too. 😉

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