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      When my son was teen his white socks were usually awful. Smelly and dirty.
      How he managed I never knew, but the outside of his shoes could be relatively
      clean and the insides awful. I swear you could open the door to his room and
      smell his socks and shoes.

      His socks were so bad I used to presoak them. The
      best thing I ever found was to presoak them is dishwasher detergent. A friend
      had told me to try it and it worked better than bleach.


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      ok I’m going to try this one on the hubby socks!! He’s a well driller and he’s in rubber boots all day long. You can smell him coming from down the road!!!

      :022:Let’s hope it works, thanks for the tip! Now how much do you use and will it get out the clay? We live in NC and everything of his is stained from the clay!

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      Can’t wait to try this! I have a pre-teen son who does the same thing-shoes are gorgeous and basically new looking on the outside, but lord help you if you step into his room and he forgot to put on sock in the hamper-need a gas mask to enter and they are so filthy, I just don’t understand.
      If it can make that stench dissappear I will forever be grateful!:dance:

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      I remember my Mother use to put baking soda in my Fathers’ work boots. And that really did the trick to cut the smells. To this day I put it in the family shoes.

      A light dusting every few days is greattt. Hope this is helpful to everyone with those smell.
      JoAnn in N. Ohio 😉

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      this tip takes me back to the days my daughter played socker. had lots of stinky muddy socks to deal with and soaking in hot water and cascade always did the trick for them as well as the ground in dirt on the uniforms.

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      I will be sure and pass this on to my daughter about the liquid cascade. She needs all the help she can get with her step son. He is 100% all boy.

      He loves sports and being outside. I do love all the Tips-n-Tricks that are posted on here. Thank you all!!

      Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!!

      Hugs Syndy

      :13 (1): :xmas3: :13 (1):

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      well it looks like i will have to go buy some cascade i have tried alot of different things but the smell is always there my dh works construction and his feet get so smelly since he wears work boots and 2 pairs of socks when its cold that the whole house smells when he takes his boots off and ill have to try the baking soda in the boots as well thanks for the info

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      OK, I am going to embarrass myself on this one, but I had quite pungent feet. It started in my teens and continued utill I seen a foot specialist 2 years ago. (I use to leave my shoes outside…great way to greet visitors:) ) Anyhow, I was told to use antipersprint (spelling) on my feet before putting on my socks…low and behold…no more stench.

      Any cheap one will do. He said the odor is caused by the bacteria that multiplies when you sweat. It’s worth a try.


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      I almost can’t wait to do laundry this weekend! Thanks for all the great tips!!

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      @BiggerPiggyBank 7391 wrote:

      I use liquid cascade in my wash loads of whites with hot water. Gets them clean and they stay white. Try soaking in it.

      Have gotten even the dingiest stuff white again.

      I’m going to have to try that my boys socks get so dingy looking I am embarrassed for them to take their shoes off at anyone’s house

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      Excellent idea…can’t wait to try this on my son’s dirty muddy socks. He is a bmx rider and his shoes/feet are always getting wet/dirty. Sock pretty much last once or twice for him. I can’t afford it anymore. I will try this. Thanks again.

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