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      Thank you Nadine for the nostalgic Cream eggs on Toast. If you listed
      the completed recipe and instructions, I missed it somehow. Could you send it
      to me?? My email is aries40@yahoo.com , It sounds like a special meal to
      me, not to be used often, but made to enjoy when it is. Another favorite of DH
      is when I make the gizzards with sauce in the slow cooker. I’m not sure who I
      should thank for it, It has turned into one of the special meals for us. I
      have cut our grocery bill by one/third and hope to cut more as I learn from my
      group. This group is means so much to me, without it, we would not be able
      to meet our monthly bills. In cleaning supplies alone, I have been able to
      save each month , enough to keep the phone and Internet on. I still am trying
      to find Fells Nappa soap to make my first laundry soap from, but I
      will! Deborah & DH (Donald)working our way out of debt and enjoying
      the ride!

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