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      This was a supper that I used to make a lot years ago when I was a stay at
      home Mom and was one of those meals that I used when was towards the end of
      the month. Creamed eggs on toast. My son loved it and so did we. I grew up
      with my Mom making this quite frequently. We lived on a farm and she raised
      chickens and sold eggs to people and a few grocery stores too. We ate the
      extra eggs. Now, I have to watch the fat and don’t use butter anymore. This
      was how I made it tonight.

      About four boiled eggs (yolks removed – not allowed for hubby anymore)

      1 package of butter buds
      1/2 cup of flour

      Blended this and then heated some soy milk and skim milk together and added
      about half of the flour mixture. Let this heat and stirred in the eggs which
      I had diced. Served this on toast. Very nostalgic tonight.


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