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      I have eaten really bad over the past two weeks. So bad that NONE of
      my clothes fit, even my elastic waisted skirts & pants. I really need
      to lose a couple of pounds fast. The only diet I’ve ever tried is
      Slimfast, but have discovered that it gives me incredible gas & messes
      up my stomach.

      I need really good ideas for breakfast & lunch in
      order to drop these pounds so I can wear my clothes comfortably. My
      sugar runs low so that has to be taken into consideration.

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      my uncle lost 30 lbs in a month by cutting out soda only…

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      I have found out over the years it’s really not what you eat it’s the amount -try and stick to the portion size on the label also more veggies and fruit and lots of water and exercise . And I never buy trigger foods mine happens to be chocolate so I only have as a treat once and a while. Bobbi -NE

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      7 years ago when I moved to NW Missouri I went into very very severe asthma. I had never had asthma and it took the Doctors several month’s to get it under control. During that time I was put on a very high steroid medication.

      My breathing for 2 month’s was so bad I couldn’t eat except for a little broth each day. But I gained over 80 pounds a month! I topped off at 267 pounds when they got it under control and I thought I could just walk it all off.

      Over 3 years I only lost 10 pounds! I just had to change doctors last summer(2007) and they told me that the steroids had changed how my body processes everything I eat. I’m not diabetic but they put me on a diabetic drug called “Metformin” which they felt would change my body back to how it processed food before.

      I was suppose to take one 500MG pill 2 times a day but couldn’t handle it so I took one every other day and now am up to one each day and I am now down to 164 pounds! I have changed my diet to whole grains instead of simple sugars and starches but other than that I’ve made no changes. I don’t exercise per say but as we farm and my husband is gone most of the time with his Guard Unit I physically work very hard each day.

      I just thought I should mention this in case there was anyone else out there who thinks their weight gain was from medication taken and they can’t lose it. I felt very hopeless for so long and this has been like a miracle in my life! It’s not fast but a it keeps going down a little at a time.

      I will probably never be 110 pounds again but after what I’ve been through I’d be tickled pink with 150 pounds and I am close enough to that to feeel it’s possible!

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      For me simple weight loss as mentioned above no junk foods ! but I try to eliminate in my diet, foods containing gluten and I do not eat anything with either vegetable oil or hydrogenated oils and very little refined sugars and starch, doing that it amazingly keeps the extra pounds off.But its not easy trying to find foods that are free of the above it is definitely a hard task.

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      @BiggerPiggyBank 4936 wrote:

      Dear Anggie:

      Usually when we want to lose weight, it is FAST!!! Unfortuantely
      this is our downfall. If you look at ‘going on a diet’ instead
      of ‘changing your diet’, the weight yo-yo will continue.

      When you
      look at weight loss, it really has to be for the long-term. I was
      once 204 lbs, and now am now 130, and have remained there for about
      10 years (by the by, it took me about that same time to reach 204,
      but only about 1 year to get down the 130!). But it was not until I
      made the conscious decision to change my eating habits did this

      I eat food everyone else eats, therefore there is no special
      cost involved. I, too, have a serious health condition which needed
      to be taken into consideration. This meant adapting exercise to suit
      my needs.

      My “diet” was structured like the Diabetic diet –
      exchanges of food ie. so many portions of meat, milk, veggies, etc.
      rather than counting calories and would consider your sugar problem.
      My particular regimen was set up by a dietician – that might be a
      consideration for you.

      When I started to lose weight, I had one pair of jeans that I could
      barely fit into. Forget anything else except a couple tops! I don’t
      know your situation, but for me, being so heavy, weight loss came
      quickly in the first couple of weeks.

      It takes a lot of energy to
      move a body that size around! If you’re really stuck, try places you
      can get clothes from for free, or next to nothing. If you buy more,
      the problem is the incentive to lose weight may be gone.



      i am in need of your help! what exactly did you do? i am 195 lbs, I have three sons and I am finding myself on more and more medication because of the weight gain.

      I have tried everything, Weight Watchers, SB, and many many more. Can you help?

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      Thank you very much. Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I have bee working a lot and am still yo yoing.

      But I am now trying to watch what I eat and am trying to eat less.

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Weight Loss on a Budget Diet Plans Diet help