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Weight Loss on a Budget Diet Plans Diet help

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      Dear Anggie:

      Usually when we want to lose weight, it is FAST!!! Unfortuantely
      this is our downfall. If you look at ‘going on a diet’ instead
      of ‘changing your diet’, the weight yo-yo will continue.

      When you
      look at weight loss, it really has to be for the long-term. I was
      once 204 lbs, and now am now 130, and have remained there for about
      10 years (by the by, it took me about that same time to reach 204,
      but only about 1 year to get down the 130!). But it was not until I
      made the conscious decision to change my eating habits did this

      I eat food everyone else eats, therefore there is no special
      cost involved. I, too, have a serious health condition which needed
      to be taken into consideration. This meant adapting exercise to suit
      my needs.

      My “diet” was structured like the Diabetic diet –
      exchanges of food ie. so many portions of meat, milk, veggies, etc.
      rather than counting calories and would consider your sugar problem.
      My particular regimen was set up by a dietician – that might be a
      consideration for you.

      When I started to lose weight, I had one pair of jeans that I could
      barely fit into. Forget anything else except a couple tops! I don’t
      know your situation, but for me, being so heavy, weight loss came
      quickly in the first couple of weeks.

      It takes a lot of energy to
      move a body that size around! If you’re really stuck, try places you
      can get clothes from for free, or next to nothing. If you buy more,
      the problem is the incentive to lose weight may be gone.



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Weight Loss on a Budget Diet Plans Diet help