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      Did you know that Budget101.com also offers a Free Frugal Living Toolbar that includes the following:

      You can download our (spyware free & ad free) toolbar from here: https://budget101.com/Toolbar.htm

      what does the budget101.com Frugal Living toolbar let me do?

      Includes a cookie cleaner, a history cleaner, and a cache cleaner

      Free Pop- Up Blocker

      Get notified when you receive new e-mails to your POP3, Yahoo!, Gmail, or Hotmail accounts

      Search from anywhere on the web

      Instant access to hundreds of Mix Recipes & Gifts from the Kitchen

      Get instant access to useful links

      Chat with other users who have the toolbar installed

      Listen to online radio from the toolbar

      Get Daily Legit Freebies the Moment they Are Posted

      Free Anti-Virus Scanner

      Free Direct Access to Dozens of New Coupons Every Day

      Free Coupon Swap

      Free RSS Feed of Budget101 Discussion List Messages- no need to check your email to see the latest reply to your questions!

      Includes Uninstaller
      System Requirements
      Microsoft Windows 2000/XP
      Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0+

      other versions:Firefox 1.0.1+


      your toolbar also supports the following gadgets, completely free!

      to add gadgets to your toolbar, simply click on once it is installed and scroll down to Gadgets. Choose whichever gadgets you prefer… here are a few you can choose from!

      youtube top feeds

      youtube top feeds – be the first to know about new cool videos, browse the latest feeds from YouTube right on your toolbar!more info…

      itunes music

      access itunes music store from your toolbar. get the latest rss feeds from itunes store. more info…

      yahoo! music top 10

      Yahoo! Music Top 10 – Get unlimited access to more than 1,000,000 songs from more than 60,000 albums.more info…

      translation service

      single-click online translation service. enjoy the world’s leading dictionary and thesaurus by babylon and wikipedia on your toolbar! more info…

      rhapsody top feeds!

      rhapsody top feeds! get the top songs and album feeds from the world’s #1 rated digital music service. more info…

      labpixies tv

      labpixies tv, watch your favorite tv stations right on your toolbar! more info…


      blackjack, aka twenty-one, is one of the most popular casino card games in the world. test your luck and skills with this awesome and simple casino card game. more info…

      flickr slides

      flickr slides. add color and fun to your toolbar. see the daily flickr collection of awesome images in a convenient slide show gadget.

      more info…

      slot machine

      slot machine, also known as poker machine or fruit machine, is a fun and simple casino game of chance. more info…


      backgammon, the oldest recorded game in history! test your strategy skills and luck against the computer in this famous board game. more info…

      memory game

      memory game, test your memory with this fun and simple game. more info…

      mini clock

      mini-clock, the coolest clock for your toolbar, now mini-sized! more info…


      labpixies calculator – the coolest calculator for your toolbar. this simple and useful calculator lets you perform most basic operations. more info…

      your ip address

      this simple gadget displays your current ip address and country flagmore info…

      todo gadget

      todo gadget, easily manage and track your daily to-do list. more info…

      calorie calculator

      calorie calculator, a simple way to monitor you daily calorie intake, easily manage your diet and meals. More info…https://budget101.com/Toolbar.htm

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